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True Ghost Stories that are scary as hell and will creep you out. They’re really scary, so keep the lights turned off and the doors and windows locked while you read these real short campfire tales.
Horror Stories (Real) - Teens -SpotHorror Stories (Real) - Teens -SpotHorror Stories (Real) - Teens -SpotHorror Stories (Real) - Teens -SpotHorror Stories (Real) - Teens -Spot
Horror Stories (Real) - Teens -Spot

Do NOT look at her eyes that may open to see her next target!

Haunted Hotel Room 310
A haunted room in a hotel causes guests to do strange things.
True Ghost Stories
Emily Rose True Story
The possessed girl and the real story behind the movie.
Scary As Hell
Robert the Haunted Doll
This is no ordinary doll. He talks, he stalks and some say he kills.
Short Campfire Tales
Ghost Girl in the Fire
A glimpse of a ghost as a building burns to the ground.
Real Life Tales
Bloody Mary
She appears in the mirror if you say her name. Don’t try this at home.
Ghost Stories
The Brown Lady
A real ghost photo and the history that surrounds it in mystery.
Really Scary
The Haunted Painting
The scariest picture on the internet has a horrific history. Don’t look at it.
Haunted Painting
The Crying Boy
What strange powers does this famous painting possess?.
Crying Boy
Barton Mansion
Teens broke into a haunted house and got an apparition on videotape.
Barton Mansion

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